UKONO Blog Ukrainian brand UKONO. Who are we?

Український бренд UKONO. Хто ми?

Ukrainian brand UKONO. Who are we?
All UKONO products are made in Ukraine and impress with their luxurious fabrics and special filler based on natural raw materials.

Properties and features of natural hemp filler:
  • thanks to hollow fibers well keeps heat,
  • allows the body to "breathe",
  • antibacterial,
  • antiallergenic,
  • absorbs moisture and prevents sweating,
  • very strong and durable protects against dust mites, bacteria and fungi,
  • suitable for people with allergies and asthma,
  • made of environmentally friendly natural material.
Our mission is to make everyone happier with healthy sleep thanks to the health benefits of hemp and natural flax. We hold the highest bar in the production of our textiles - to provide an undeniable advantage in quality, speed and service.

All this came true thanks to innovative solutions during the creation of hemp filler. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and well-being, and created by skilled, friendly and dedicated employees.
Those who define environmental consumption as the main position in their lives: they will always choose, among other things, organic textiles. In addition, for healthy sleep - it is guaranteed to pay attention to UKONO products.

It is simple: we focus the development of our products on 3 main positions: "high quality", "naturalness" and "practicality".
This clear specialization in natural ingredients for home textiles is reflected in our range of pillows, blankets and toppers.