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About us 

About us

UKONO is a Ukrainian company that sells pillows, blankets and other hemp products.
For 2 years, the company's team has improved the quality of pillows and blankets, conducted more than 200 different studies and tests of the new shape and perfect composition of products, and for now, we are happy to present you updated models of comfortable and compact pillows, blankets, toppers with hemp fiber content!

The production is located in the city of Sumy, and is made of hemp materials grown in Ukraine.

We support the traditions of our ancestors, because in our country hemp is one of the oldest and most widespread plants. Hemp was cultivated here in the Trypillia period and in the times of the Scythians (is hundreds of years before our era). In Ukraine, hemp has been grown since ancient times, while in most other European countries, this plant began to be cultivated en masse only in the middle of the sixteenth century. In the Middle Ages during the period of active development of navigation from hemp, produce fabric for sails, ropes and other products. These were indispensable goods at that time, because hemp products have not lost their high condition even with prolonged contact with seawater. In the Ukrainian lands at that time hemp occupied a large area, and the products made here were used for domestic purposes (hemp was used to make fabric, which was then sewn clothes, shoes, ropes, twine, used as fodder for cattle, made oil, etc.) and in large quantities was sent for export.

And already in 1931, the hemp breeding department at the Institute of Bast Crops in Glukhov (Glukhov), Ukraine, was one of the world's largest centers for the development of new varieties of hemp, focused on improving fiber quality, yield per hectare and low THC ( opiate components).

The company sells to both retail and wholesale buyers in Ukraine and abroad.