UKONO Blog Black Friday

Чорна п'ятниця

Black Friday

Our Black Friday will last until the end of the year!

Yes Yes! This is not surprising, because we want to please all connoisseurs of hemp products, therefore, we are changing the rules and extending it for 2 months!!

How does it work? For every UAH 3,000 purchase, you choose 1 any bonus, if your order is for 6,000 - take 2 bonuses :)

1 bonus - free shipping (including packaging, of course)
2 bonus - 2 linen towels as a gift (promotion on them until they run out)
3 bonus - 3 pairs of winter socks (medium length, color - undyed)
4 bonus - 2 large halva
5 bonus - minus 10% for every 3000 hryvnias

•bonuses can be combined if you get more than 1

With any order - our manager will call you to confirm the shipment and clarify the desired bonuses!