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What associations do you have when you hear the word #HEMP ? It seems like the vast majority, you think about the matter, which is sent to a different reality, but we are now about those hemp, that is not funny, but profitable, which are equivalent to gold (and it is not an exaggeration ) and is personification of everything ecologically pure and natural - about technical hemp. 

My mother in their stories are often recalled how in his childhood in 1960 and it, along with her sisters went to the field to collect hemp, then they soaked in the lake, tripaly on bytelnyah, scratched and already from the fibers of my grandmother made fabric. From that fabric

and made bedding, clothes, and other things. We know, that since the time of cannabis too lost their positions because of the global anti-drug campaign, manufacturers were forced to minimize production of cannabis. Imagine only at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union only on the territory of our state were 35 plants of processing hemp and area crops occupy more than 100,000 hectares. For comparison today in Ukraine only four enterprises engaged in processing and area crops up over 4,000 hectares, not difficult to calculate how sank market and industry almost disappeared. But already now we are witnessing, as the world comes Hemp Revolution, such a renaissance technical hemp, which undeservedly been forgotten. We see, what happens in Europe, America, Australia - this trend is a natural and positive, which is a chance for a long time to gain a foothold and become customary norm and turn the technical hemp lost grandeur and glory. Technical hemp - nepsyhoaktyvnyy variety of cannabis, an invaluable resource materials for thousands of items of various products, food stuffs, cosmetics, dietary supplements, feed additives, bioenergy, textiles, footwear, composite materials, geotextiles, paper, medicine. The range of use of this plant extremely large, it is so versatile, that can be written in any which business, applied in any area where the field. Hemp - it is also rapidly renewable resource, which is very important at a time when the world is interested in using biorozpadnyh and rapidly renewable materials. Growing hemp is very fast, has for four months, reaching up to four meters in height. Growing this plant does not require pesticides and large amounts of water in contrast to cotton, it is not depleting the soil, and vice versa improves the state of the ground. Industrial hemp as all over the world are considered the most highly agricultural culture. Analysts around the world compare the current rapid development of cannabis.

As his time developing Internet. Global volume of investments in the sector konoplyarstva compared with the financial resources, which involved 15 years ago in the development of the Internet. The volume of crops in Europe, Canada, the United States increased in geometric progression, and the world Hemp leader of China, which already holds 70% market share in the next five years plans to increase plantings of 700 000 hectares, in connection with the state program to replace cotton in technical hemp. As the world understands, what about Ukraine ? Here we are behind all, though, and the potential of hemp industry in our country is very large, but unfortunately not implemented. A number of laws, that and still create barriers to the development of the industry, over- regulation of the market unattractive investment climate and as a result the enterprise, which engaged in the cultivation of technical hemp earn little added value, selling only raw. The scope needs the support of the state and significant financial resources, to enhance the processing and manufacture a full range of the above products, so most times to increase the profitability of the industry. Production of our factory Sumykamvol - one of the few in the Ukraine, which is engaged in deep processing of fibers of industrial hemp. The company has a full cycle, which includes cutting, shaking and scratching, soaking, boiling, bleaching and painting. Hemp fiber is a healthy alternative to cotton and synthetic fibers, the production of which irreversibly contaminates the Earth with pesticides and chemicals. With kotonizovanoho fiber hemp produce : • non-woven fabric, which serves as a natural filler for pillows, blankets, toperiv, that representation in its own line of home textiles UKONO®; insulation and insulating material during construction; • hemp tops - a semi-finished product for the production of yarn; • hemp yarn mixed with cotton or polyester fibers from which the fabric is made. Hemp fabric has the beneficial properties of a medicinal plant. This fabric remains biologically active, gently interacts with the skin and is able to protect your body from the harmful effects of the environment. The main advantage of the fabric of hemp in the absence of the chemical composition of plant pesticides and other chemical substances. Natural fabric does not create a "greenhouse" effect on the surface of the body under clothing, which allows the skin to breathe freely. Hemp fabric eliminates overheating of the body in the heat and hypothermia in the cold. In our opinion, hemp fabric is ideal for shoes, clothes and home textiles. Hemp textiles and clothing eco- friendly, natural, durable, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic, make the most beneficial for the body, original, choose active people who value their health and well-being and care of the protection of the environment.