UKONO Hemp Socks Collection

Hemp Socks Collection. Short.

Hemp Socks Collection. Short.
Hemp socks have unique properties:
- Effectively eliminate foot odor. Legs do not sweat, because hemp fiber absorbs moisture well and promotes natural air circulation.
- Hemp products have antibacterial and healing properties, which helps prevent fungal diseases.
- Socks reduce foot fatigue during exercise. Due to the fact that hemp fibers are coarser than cotton, wearing such socks has the effect of foot micromassage, which relieves fatigue and has a healing effect on the whole body.
- It is widely known that hemp fibers are the strongest and most durable among other natural plant fibers. Therefore, hemp socks will last you about 5-7 times longer than regular socks.

Wearing hemp socks is very comfortable and enjoyable!
If you want your feet to stay dry and healthy, be sure to pay attention to socks that are made of hemp.

Hemp fibers are the strongest and most durable of natural fibers. Therefore, you can wash socks often. And the more often you wash them, the softer they will be without losing strength.

Prices in foreign currency differ slightly from prices in hryvnia due to the fact that the delivery of goods abroad directly depends on the weight of the goods. Because of this, we calculated the weight of the product and added the shipping cost (per kilogram) to each product. In addition, "Ukrainian Post International" takes roughly $25 from each parcel for cargo registration, regardless of the weight of the shipment. Thank you for your understanding.
Ingredients: Hemp 60%, cotton 37%, lycra 3%.
All sizes:
25 (36-39)
27 (40-42)
29 (43-46)
Hemp Socks Collection. Short.Hemp Socks Collection. Short.