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Smoothing serum for hair

Smoothing serum for hair
Your hair can be more obedient and smooth! A special smoothing serum will provide safe but effective renewal, softening and moisturizing of curls. The product's formula is enriched with 100% natural plant extracts that strengthen hair shafts, making them more resistant to external factors and the effects of thermal devices.
The serum based on 10 active ingredients will make it possible to restore elasticity, mirror shine and radiance to the hair.

Made in: Poland
Volume: 100ml

- formula based on crystal clear mountain water;
- contains hemp oil, which moisturizes and nourishes the hair;
- enriched with proteins to increase hair elasticity and strength;
- makes curls soft to the touch;
- rich in unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and 6;
- contains wheat proteins that help protect hair;
- keratin gives strands perfect smoothness and prevents fluffiness;
- does not weigh down the hair;
- does not require washing;
- dermatologically tested.

Application method:
apply a few drops of the serum on your palms, rub and apply to dry or wet hair.

The delivery time of cosmetic products is 2-5 working days (most of them are sent from Europe).
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100 ml
Smoothing serum for hair