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Hand cream with hemp extract

Hand cream with hemp extract
Every girl dreams of becoming a princess, also every girl wants the skin of her hands to be delicate, smooth and silky, mostly because it is constantly at risk (sudden temperature changes, hard tap water, household chemicals). Beauty Formulas hand cream is based on hemp oil, rich in healthy omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
The active component enhances the effect of the product, so it leaves no chance of dryness, irritation and peeling, prevents premature aging, normalizes the water balance and protects the skin from loss of moisture and tone. The nutritional formula also includes almond and cocoa oils.

Made in: Great Britain
Volume: 100ml

- quickly absorbed;
- removes redness;
- eliminates dryness and peeling;
- smoothes the epidermis;
- provides intensive hydration;
- contains organic hemp oil;
- antibacterial effect;
- cocoa oil deeply nourishes and restores;
- protects against the negative effects of the sun, wind, and cold.

Application method:
apply with light massage movements on clean, dry skin of the hands.

The delivery time of cosmetic products is 2-5 working days (most of them are sent from Europe).
All sizes:
100 ml
Hand cream with hemp extractHand cream with hemp extractHand cream with hemp extract