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Lip scrub. The Body Shop Hemp

Lip scrub. The Body Shop Hemp
Has the skin on your hands recently become rough, dry and flaky? Give her back her beauty and youth with The Body Shop Hemp hand scrub. A luxurious beauty product with a creamy texture will easily remove dead cells, impurities and peeling, filling the deep layers with useful substances and healing moisture. The natural formula will restore tenderness and smoothness to the epidermis, creating a protective barrier against the aggressive effects of environmental factors with the help of oil.
As a result of frequent use, the skin will become beautiful, smooth and silky.

Made in: Great Britain
Volume: 75ml

- gently exfoliates dead cells;
- deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
- coconut and almond shells gently remove impurities;
- eliminates peeling;
- softens roughened areas;
- gives softness and elasticity;
- preserves the natural water balance;
- hemp seed oil provides reliable protection against aggressive environmental factors;
- cocoa butter from Ghana prevents dehydration;
- leaves no traces;
- has a completely natural formula;
- does not cause irritation or allergy;
- eliminates the feeling of tightness;
- does not injure the epidermis;
- suitable for vegans.

The delivery time of cosmetic products is 2-5 working days (most of them are sent from Europe).
Application method
Apply the scrub to your hands and massage for a minute. Wash with warm water, wet your hands and apply a protective hand cream.
All sizes:
75 ml
Lip scrub. The Body Shop HempLip scrub. The Body Shop Hemp