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Strengthening rub (conditioner-spray) for hair

Strengthening rub (conditioner-spray) for hair
The rub improves the condition of the hair after Covid-19. In addition, the hair conditioner spray strengthens, nourishes and restores strands.

Volume: 100 ml

Strengthening conditioner for hair is recommended for falling, weakened hair that needs regeneration. Cosmetic product nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair.
The composition of the cosmetic product includes:
- hemp seed extract,
- Vital Hair complex,
- biotin,
- vitamin PP (niacin or vitamin B3),
- prebiotics.
These ingredients penetrate the hair follicles, preventing them from falling out. In addition, they help to restore the hair's former density and healthy appearance. Prebiotics take care of the scalp - soothe irritation, have anti-inflammatory properties, stimulate regeneration processes and regulate bacterial microflora.

The leave-in conditioner has been tested on people with COVID-19, as excessive hair loss is a common problem in such people. Studies confirm the effectiveness of the product in improving the condition of the hair. For best results, we recommend using the strengthening conditioner against hair loss together with the shampoo from the same series.

The delivery time of cosmetic products is 2-5 working days (most of them are sent from Europe).
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Strengthening rub (conditioner-spray) for hair