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Linen filler in roll 500 gram

Linen filler in roll 500 gram
The thickness / density of the roll is 500 grams per meter.
Width 220 cm.
Meters in the 1st roll - 30.
Wholesale prices - from one roll.

Recently, the number of people involved in the cultivation of Microgreens (sprouts with the first paired leaves) has increased. Small plants produce 40 times more nutrients than their adult counterparts. The color, texture and intensity of the taste made them popular. Linen mats for microgreens in Ukraine, in the process of growing, are much easier to use than soil.

1. Linen rugs perfectly retain moisture;
2. Microgreens always remain clean.
3. You do not need to wash it, every time before use, as after cutting from soil or coconut substrate;
4. Rugs made of natural linen material are ideal for root development.

Prices in foreign currency differ slightly from prices in hryvnia due to the fact that the delivery of goods abroad directly depends on the weight of the goods. Because of this, we calculated the weight of the product and added the shipping cost (per kilogram) to each product. In addition, "Ukrainian Post International" takes roughly $25 from each parcel for cargo registration, regardless of the weight of the shipment. Thank you for your understanding.
Linen filler in roll (composition: 60% linen fiber / 40% polyester fiber)
All sizes:
1 м. пог.
15 метрів/ 15 meters
Linen filler in roll 500 gram