Drops in a combination of vitamin D3+K2MK7+CBD 3%

Drops in a combination of vitamin D3+K2MK7+CBD 3%
Drops support the body's proper immunity,
limit the development of inflammation,
speed up recovery after illness,
prevent the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels,
help preserve the health of teeth and bones, contribute to normal blood clotting.

D³ one drop 1000 UI
K2MK7 20 mcg in each drop

VOLUME: 30 ml
Country of manufacture: Poland

Vitamin D3 is formed naturally in the deeper layers of the human skin under the influence of sunlight, so taking the supplement is especially recommended in the autumn-winter period, when there is little sun.

Vitamin K2 is first transported to the liver and then to the bones and artery walls, where it can accumulate due to its better bioavailability and longer half-life, thus playing an important role in building and maintaining strong bones, as well as inhibiting calcium deposits in the arteries.

The product is recommended for overweight people, whose need for vitamin D3 may be much higher.

CBD is an effective means of combating various types of diseases, and even affects well-being.
This product is safe and vegan. Even a small CBD content of 3% has a beneficial effect on the body.
Already from the first doses, you can feel the difference in well-being and functioning of the body.
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Drops in a combination of vitamin D3+K2MK7+CBD 3%