CBD oil 4500 mg 15%

CBD oil 4500 mg 15%
Volume of vial, ml 30
Chapel in a pipette, pc 20
CBD 4500 concentration
CBD in one drop, mg 4.5
Cbd in one pipetka, mg 90

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a component of medical cannabis that does not cause narcotic JV ' Yanny.
Prescribed to patients as a plant alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for
relieving pain and inflammation.

By taking cannabidiol (CBD), a person restores the body's biochemical balance,
Which does not allow the disease to progress.
Each person has an endocanabinoid system of receptors.
Cannabidiol (CBD) modulates the work of this system thus
that the immune response of the body becomes strong again.

Promotes faster recovery and prevents infectious diseases.
Performs neuroprotective and antioxidant functions.

Hemp oil, cannabidiol (SVD) 4500 mg.
* Has no side effects
* Does not cause addiction
* Without TKG
* Certified and Legal Product
* If necessary, our consultation will provide you with careful dosage instructions exactly
for your case.

We are officially registered company that produces exclusively legal products
on Ukrainian territory.
All certificates and hygienic conclusions are available.

* The color of oil may change

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CBD oil 4500 mg 15%