CBD CBD oil for animals 600 mg 2%

CBD CBD oil for animals 600 mg 2%
Bottle volume, ml 30
Drops in a pipette, pcs. 20
CBD concentration 2%
CBD in a package, mg 600
CBD in one drop, mg 0.6
CBD in one pipette, mg 12

WARNING! Does not contain psychoactive substances THC!

Helps reduce anxiety. Contributes to the anti-inflammatory effect, relieves cramps.
Natural CBD Oil is an unflavored CBD for improving health and vitality. It consists of a standard composition of pure hemp oil, with pure CBD. Ideal for those who want the best that hemp has to offer, without the added flavors and colors.

Recommendations for use:
One portion - 1 dropper - dispenser. Dropper - dispensers on a bottle - 48. CBD in one dropper - dispenser 12 mg.

The weight of the animal is the number of drops
1 kg - 10 kg 0.5 dropper dispenser
10 kg - 20 kg 1 dropper dispenser
20 kg - 30 kg 1.5 dropper dispenser
30 kg + 2.5 dropper dispensers

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All sizes:
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CBD CBD oil for animals 600 mg 2%