Summer hemp blanket "Air"

Summer hemp blanket "Air"Novelty
All UKONO blankets are sewn exclusively from cotton.
This blanket was designed as a demi-season analogue of the winter, dense Winter blanket (400 g/m2). Available in different sizes (especially for children).

The density of hemp fiber is 200 g/m2.

Prices in foreign currency differ slightly from prices in hryvnia due to the fact that the delivery of goods abroad directly depends on the weight of the goods. Because of this, we calculated the weight of the product and added the shipping cost (per kilogram) to each product. In addition, "Ukrainian Post International" takes roughly $25 from each parcel for cargo registration, regardless of the weight of the shipment. Thank you for your understanding.
UKONO blankets offer a real alternative to synthetic fillers for those who suffer from allergies to animal hair and dust mites.
With special attention and care, we will help you in the choice of the necessary sizes, individual preferences.
We will provide a full professional consultation, taking into account all your wishes.
Execution in any (not standard) size is possible.
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Summer hemp blanket Summer hemp blanket Summer hemp blanket