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Hemp pillow «Extreme» 70*70

Hemp pillow «Extreme» 70*70
Producer: UKONO
Code: 1.03
The pillow consists of 3 layers:
top - 100% softened flax,
2nd layer - hemp fiber,
3rd layer - 100% cotton.

This pillow was designed for those, why loves to sleep without a pillow.
It is very thin and dense, but retains all the advantages of more voluminous pillows: naturalness and practicality.
Inside one layer of hemp - 500 g/m2.

Hypoallergenic, does not interfere with natural air circulation and does not accumulate odors.
With this pillow, you will never feel too hot in summer, and thanks to its excellent antibacterial properties - no microorganisms will grow inside.

Trail pattern: square / line.
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Hemp pillow «Extreme»Hemp pillow «Extreme»