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Round hemp rug 75*75

Round hemp rug 75*75
Producer: UKONO
Code: 8.01
Children's rug size 75 * 75 cm is designed specifically for children from 0 to 9 months - to the stage of crawling.
The baby learns to crawl, and the soft natural, linen base of the carpet protects the delicate skin from damage.
Filling: organic, hypoallergenic hemp fibers.

Main advantages:
1) Environmentally friendly material;
2) Durable surface material - flax, can not be bitten or torn;
3) Trauma-safe because it is soft enough;
4) Does not allow cold from the floor;
5) Wear-resistant;
6) Folds, very compact size when folded 35x35 cm. Weight up to 0.5 kg + there is a portable bag.
Конопля має гарний термоізоляційний ефект, що робить килимок дуже теплим.
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