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Protein Hemp "Vanilla"

Protein Hemp "Vanilla"
Hemp protein is one of the plant-based protein sources that is very popular among vegetarians, vegans and just active people.
It is made from hemp seeds and contains all 9 essential amino acids.
Due to its high protein content, it promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and supports bone health. An exceptional feature of this protein is a significant proportion of fiber, healthy fats and minerals. In addition, of course, it does not contain gluten, lactose or soy, and therefore is also suitable for people with food intolerances.
Hemp protein is versatile, you can use it as:
- Protein drink;
- Add to porridge for breakfast;
- Add to various fitness recipes.
Ingredients: hemp protein powder, fructose, flavorings of natural cocoa powder in "Chocolate" protein or vanillin in "Vanilla" protein.
- To replenish the human body with the necessary amount of essential amino acids, it is enough to consume 2 tablespoons of hemp protein per day;
- For athletes with intense training - 3 tablespoons per day. The maximum effect is obtained by taking hemp protein 30 minutes before training and 30 minutes after it.
Protein powder can be diluted in drinks and is ideal as an ingredient for cocktails and smoothies.

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