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Рemp cardigan

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Warm, soft hemp cardigan.

Buttons made of natural coconut are suitable for any clothing. Well polished and pleasant to the touch.

Composition: 60% hemp, 40% cotton
Light and natural cardigan made of high quality hemp yarn!
Hemp products perfectly wick away moisture, give a feeling of freshness and comfort, and at the same time the skin breathes freely and retains warmth.

Hemp has a hypoallergenic property and does not irritate the skin, moreover, modern studies have proven that hemp is able to kill other bacteria that come into contact with our skin.

Hemp is safe for your health. With each wash, the product becomes softer. You need to wash at a temperature of 30-40 degrees (delicate mode) or choose hand washing.
Own production according to your size.
The top number is the size, the middle number is the chest girth, the bottom number is the hip girth.

Hemp yarn is not treated with chemicals (pesticides, herbicides). Also, growing hemp does not require a lot of water. In this way, the environment is not harmed.
Рemp cardiganРemp cardiganРemp cardiganРemp cardiganРemp cardigan