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Сумка-шоппер UKONO

Shopper bag UKONO
Our latest pillow packaging design – is a shopper bag.
The UKONO brand takes special care of the environment, so you can order our pillow in a package that transforms into a bag (as well as order the bag separately).
Shopper bag - a separate type of everyday bags.

The name comes from the English word "shop" - shop. Initially, it was created as a shopping bag, hence its large size. Gradually, its design was transformed, and now it is a universal accessory that fits any type of clothing.

They are used as an alternative to a plastic bag.

Eco-bags are increasingly replacing plastic bags and paper bags - a worthy replacement for the bags we are used to. Plastic bags are recycled by nature for a very long time, i.e. in fact, they become an enemy of the environment.

The accessory is a roomy bag that has no inner pockets. Two handles allow you to carry the bag in your hands or on the shoulder. There is no need to carry several bags in each hand. In a «tote bag» (as it is called in Western stores), you can carry not only purchased goods, but also everyday things. Packages at home are constantly lost, you have to buy new ones. And this is environmental pollution and financial spending.

The eco bag can be used for everyday use. For its manufacture, a durable fabric is used that can withstand heavy loads. Does not fade with frequent washing. Since it is fabric, it is easy to fold it, it does not take up much space. Eco shopping bag is tailored in such a way that it can be carried on the shoulder.

This is a very practical model that will definitely not go out of fashion.