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UKONO Hemp socks
What do our soldiers need to defend Ukraine? They need weapons, They need individual first aid kits and binoculars, comfortable clothes and shoes, Of course bulletproof vests and helmets, They need a passable car, And various other military ammunition And also is to feel a basic comfort in absolutely uncomfortable conditions. What is it about? About things you don't notice right away! About underwear and socks Factory in the Sumy city produces hemp socks, because it is hemp that has the ability to absorb and remove excess moisture while long shoes wearing and feet are sweating, and in particular army boots. Also hemp socks have a bacteriostatic effect, suppress the growth of bacteria and prevent the appearance of the fungus, which affects about 20% of all men. The unpainted hemp socks UKONO have all the benefits of hemp products! And also will last you 7 times longer than usual socks. UKONO is fidelity to tradition embodied in the present!