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Set of linen serving napkins "Green"

Set of linen serving napkins "Green"
The Ukono brand presents you a line of kitchen textiles.
In addition to the basic "linen" color of the tablecloths, we also have a bright summerset - exactly what you need when there is not enough bright colors on the street!

Set of linen serving napkins "Green"
In the set: 2 pieces
Price: 30*40cm – 9$, 40*40cm – 12$

The set is made of green linen + yellow floral edging to match.
Napkins are an important part of setting a festive table, creating coziness in the kitchen.
Linen is a photogenic material that ideally complements food photography compositions. Linen napkins can be used both as props and as a background for shooting.

Prices in foreign currency differ slightly from prices in hryvnia due to the fact that the delivery of goods abroad directly depends on the weight of the goods. Because of this, we calculated the weight of the product and added the shipping cost (per kilogram) to each product. In addition, "Ukrainian Post International" takes roughly $25 from each parcel for cargo registration, regardless of the weight of the shipment. Thank you for your understanding.
Such a product will serve you for a long time. Linen is a wear-resistant fabric that, after numerous washes, retains its appearance and becomes only softer.
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Set of linen serving napkins Set of linen serving napkins Set of linen serving napkins